Everyone joins hands to deliver coolness, building the dream of the Asian Games together

Issuing time:2024-01-25 11:04

On September 7th, with the support of the Zhejiang Beverage Industry Association and the Zhejiang Branch Public Welfare Service Center, Zhejiang Dajia Jiancha Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. launched the "Hand in Hand to Send Cool, Love to Assist the Asian Games" activity, expressing warm condolences to the Fuyang District Fire Rescue Brigade in Hangzhou.

This event was organized by Zhejiang Dujia Jiancha Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. to donate 200 boxes of Dujia Jianzhu Drinks to the Fuyang District Fire Rescue Brigade in Hangzhou City, helping soldiers maintain good physical condition during work, respond to various emergency tasks, convey a refreshing feeling in the scorching sun, and contribute to the social strength of the enterprise to the fire protection work.

As the Hangzhou Asian Games are about to begin, the firefighting and rescue team gathers with everyone to share the beautiful story of "Flame Blue". As a company that shoulders social responsibility, we promise to continue to uphold these fine traditions, convey love and care in our future work, fulfill our social responsibilities, and strive to showcase the best style of Hangzhou in the arrival of the Asian Games. Together, we will contribute to the prosperity and safety of the city.

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