Bamboo Culture and Bamboo Health Knowledge

The Benefits of Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo leaves are an important heat clearing and detoxifying medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. As a nickname for bamboo leaves, light bamboo leaves are recorded in the "Catalogue of Famous Doctors" and "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine". Their main functions are to clear heat, eliminate troubles, promote diuresis, and promote diuresis. The edible and medicinal effects of bamboo leaves are discussed in both "Dietary Materia Medica" and "Medicinal Meaning". In 1998, Danzhu Ye was approved by the Ministry of Health to be included in the list of natural medicines that are both food and medicine. ——

Basic Introduction to Bamboo Leaf Flavonoids

Bamboo leaf flavonoids are a class of natural compounds obtained from alpine light bamboo leaves using modern biotechnology methods, which contain specific active ingredients and have precise biological functions. They have good water solubility and processing stability, and carry typical bamboo leaf aromas. Bamboo leaf flavonoids were approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission as new food ingredients in 2014.


The active ingredients of bamboo leaf flavonoids

Modern research has found that bamboo leaves contain a large amount of flavonoids and other bioactive components, as well as special amino acids and mineral elements such as manganese, zinc, selenium, and germanium that are necessary for the human body. The main effective components of bamboo leaf flavonoids include flavonoids, lactones, and phenolic compounds, which are a complex and synergistic mixture.


Physiological activity of bamboo leaf flavonoids

Bamboo leaf flavonoids are a natural compound extracted from bamboo leaves. According to research, they have excellent anti free radical, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti fatigue, lipid-lowering, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, protecting the liver, expanding capillaries, unblocking microcirculation, activating the brain, promoting memory, improving sleep, and beautifying the skin.


Application of Bamboo Leaf Flavonoids
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